Welcome to the ICM Karate Academy

Welcome to the ICM Karate Academy, teaching the traditional karate style known as ‘Shotokan’, in association with Japan Karate Association (JKA).

Shotokan is a traditional style of Karate from Japan. The word ‘traditional’ implies striving for personal excellence rather than competitiveness against others.

The purpose of training is self-realization, and each student’s journey is individual.

At the Masjid Darul Iman Karate Academy we are committed to helping students become stronger mentally, physically and emotionally so they can cope successfully with life’s challenges.

We are a family of dedicated and committed students and parents, and are looking to other equally  dedicated families who are interested in the well-being of their children and wish to enroll their kids into this first-ever karate program within Masjid Darul Iman.

The objective of our program is to help students develop the strength of character to stick to commitments, to pursue worthy endeavors, to control their emotions, develop focus and mindfulness plus persevere when the going gets tough.

Why Choose the ICM Karate Academy?

  • > Traditional Shotokan style
  • > Focusing on self awareness, respect, mental health and sportsmanship
  • > Separate classes for Girls/Sisters and Boys/Brothers
  • > Affiliated with Japan Karate Association (JKA), a world class karate association
  • > Exams are conducted by Canadian Japan Karate Association instructors according to the global standards set by Japan Karate Association

our karate Instructors

Sensei Ignacio Gamesawen is a member of the Canadian and international arm of the Japan Karate Federation.
Sensei Ignacio is also a former Canadian National Team member with provincial, national, and international tournament experience:
> 2003 – Kumite Champion – National Tournament, Vancouver, BC
> 2004 – Silver in Team Kumite, Pan-American Karate Championship, Panama
> 2006 – Third in Team Kata, Funakoshi Gichin Cup, Syndey, Australia
Sensei Ignacio Gamesawen
4th Degree Black Belt
Sensei Sofia Mojica is a member of the Canadian and international arm of the Japan Karate Federation.
Sensei Sofia is also a former member of the Canadian National Team with provincial, national, and international tournament experience.
Sensei Sofia is also a special education teacher with YRDSB, the York Region District School Board.
She is an avid yoga practitioner and has a keen interest in mental and emotional development.

Sensei Sofia Mojica
4th Degree Black Belt


ages 7-18

ages 18+


For any inquiries please email or call:


or call:

Br. Ihsan 647-457-1374

Br. Zeeshan 416-985-3443

Br. Shehzad 416-200-5193

Masjid Admin Office (Br. Salman) 905-209-8200