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Solidarity Against Hate – Press Release


The Islamic Center of Markham (Masjid Darul Iman) stand together with the people of conscience to condemn the senseless terrorist attack against the Muslim worshippers at the two Christchurch Masajid (Mosques) where 50 souls were martyred and several injured. Our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families for the irreplaceable loss of their loved ones.

To commemorate the victims of Christchurch Mosque shootings, Islamic Center of Markham held an event “Solidarity against hate” on Saturday, 23rd March 2019. The event was attended by religious leaders from Christian, Jewish and Islamic faith along with the Members of Parliament, Mayor of Markham, Councillors, York Region Police personnel and many community members. The message of peace, love, solidarity against hate and condemning gun violence and terrorism in all its forms was echoed by the esteemed guests at the event.

We ask all people of conscience to stand up against hate, to hold people, from politicians to news pundits, accountable for their hateful rhetoric and to actively advocate for a world free of hate.

We acknowledge and applaud the Government of New Zealand, the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and the people of New Zealand for their love, compassion and empathy towards the Muslim community in New Zealand. The 1.6 Billion Muslims are indebted with the moral leadership of Rt. Hon. PM Jacinda Ardern for her message of love, compassion and inclusivity.

We also applaud our Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for condemning the terrorist attack and inviting all the leaders on the Global stage to join him in fighting against Islamophobia and hate.

As the Quran and Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) teach us, we will respond to evil with good.

We pray for the safety and security of our communities here at home and through out the world.

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