Funeral Services

One of the most challenging moments in life is to bid farewell to someone you love or care for. As a Muslim, we must trust Allah’s (S.W.T.) will and to pray for the mercy and forgiveness of the deceased. ICM’s dedicated staff and volunteers extend all possible support in arranging the funeral process as smooth as possible.


Funeral Process 

Step 1: Body Pickup

ICM’s representative picks up the deceased body from the Coroner’s office/ Hospital/Retirement Home/Airport or the Home and brings it to Markham Masjid.

Step 2: Paperwork at ICM

The family/guardian of the deceased is required to complete the following:

During this process, Markham Masjid’s will:

  • Assist family in filling out forms and documents
  • Verify all information including review the “Death Certificate – Form 16”
  • Fax the “Burial Services & Cemetery Information” to the Cemetery requesting to open a grave.
  • Perform the final rites of the deceased according to Islamic rulings, which are limited to body washing and wrapping in a shroud only with the help of volunteers and family members.
  • Submit “Statement of Death – Form 15“, “Death Certificate – Form 16” along with blank “Burial Permit” to the City Office. The city will issue a “Burial Permit” while keeping other forms in their records.
  • Organize and perform Janaza prayer right after Zuhr salat
  • Transport the coffin to the cemetery for burial. (Cemetery accepts burials 7 days a week until 3:30 pm).
  • Provide 10 signed copies of “Proof-of-Death Certificate” to the family (which may be used to inform Government offices, banks and other institutions)

Step 3: Burial 

Take the Statement of Death Form 15, Death certificate – Form 16 (provided by Markham Masjid) and a blank copy of the Burial Permit to the City or Police station (after hours). They will keep the forms and return the Burial certificate after stamping for the family to keep.

Contact: Br. Imamuddin Khan

Funeral Coordinator

Cell: 647-233-ISM6 (4766)

[email protected]